List of useful famous important facts about 16th February

List of useful famous important facts about 16th February

List of useful famous important facts about 16th February

In this post today, we will discuss some important and famous events that happened on the 16th of February.

16th February 1899 - On this day, Iceland's first football club was founded.

16th February 1914 - On this day, the first aircraft flew between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

16th February 1918 - On this day, Luciana had declared himself independent.

16th February 1930 - On this day, Romanian Football Federation was included in FIFA.

16th February 1946 - On this day, for the first time, the representative of the Soviet Union in the United Nations used the veto authority.

16th February 1959 - On this day, Fidel Castro became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Cuba.

16th February 1969 - On this day, a Postage stamp was issued on the 100th anniversary of Mirza Ghalib.

16th February 1978 - On this day, the first computer bulletin board system was built in Chicago.

16th February 1982 - On this day, Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup Football Tournament was first organized in Kolkata.

16th February 1986 - On this day, Mario Soares was elected the first civilian president of the Portuguese.

16th February 1987 - On this day, a Missile capable of hitting submarine to submarine was included in the Indian Navy.

16th February 1990 - On this day, Sam Nuzoma was elected the first President of Namibia.

16th February 2001 - On this day, the American and British planes attacked Iraq.

16th February 2003 - On this day, Mercy's death was given to the world's First clone sheep Doli.

16th February 2005 - On this day, the Kyoto Treaty was adopted to protect the environment.

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