How to write your first blog post on blogger

 How to write your first blog post on blogger

How to write your first blog post on blogger

Today we are going to give you information about a topic about which many people want to know. And these are the people who have just started blogging or want to blog. We also have a post called How to start your blog on Blogger, you will get to know more about this topic through that post which is given below.

Blogging is a way to earn money in which you have no boss Which you should always tell yourself when to do what, what not to do and for how long because you are your boss and you will get full freedom for your work. That is why today's youth want to make a career in blogging so that they can do their work according to their comfort. However, blogging like other professions takes a lot of hard work and it is beneficial to give more time.


Blogging needs a lot of patience, So you have to keep working on your ability till you get success. After preparing your blog, what is most important is your first blog post because when a reader comes to his blog, he will first see your content and what subject you have written above. So to be successful in blogging, you should know what and how to write in your blog. 

What are the Things to Keep in Mind to Write a Blog?

When a new blogger creates a blog for him, his next step is to write a post for it which we call an article. In any blog, there will be many articles written on different topics or on the same topic: which we call blogposts. Content is written in the form of text image graphics and videos in blog posts. 

Your blog is designed for any purpose whether for self-purpose or business purposes, but the content of your blog plays important role in the success of your blog. The first post of any blog tells about which subject is going to get information on that website. It may be of any topic such as technology, gadgets review, spots, health, education, science, blogging, and the internet, etc. 

You should make a blog on any subject, but keep the day that your blog should be such that the visitors make up the mind to come back to your website again and again. Users should not be disappointed with your first blog post. The content of your blog post should be qualitative and informative, it will enhance your website ranking in the search engine.

Most people start thinking about what they will write an article about before they start making their blog. And now when you start writing, you do not know when to give information about what to start and what to write in the last or what will be the length of our article. These are the basic question which arises in anyone's mind at the start. 

You must have done your research before creating a blog and must have seen that their blogpost is ranked only, whose article is unique and to the point. For beginners, there are a lot of problems in writing posts because they do not know the right content and right length. So keeping this in mind today, in this post we will tell some tips so that beginners will be able to write a good and interactive article.

1. Select any unique topic

You have to write a blog on a topic on which very few people have written and whose search volume is quite high. There are some websites where you can find the search volume of any topis for free such as Semrush. Google keyword planner, Google trends, etc. On these websites, one can easily access the search volume, keyword density, keyword difficulty of any keyword. 

If a keyword will have a difficulty level quite high, then your blog cannot be ranked quickly because other websites have already written articles on that topic. You might rank your website but it takes a longer time. So it would be better if you select those topics whose keyword difficulty is low and search volume is high.

2. Select the proper keyword

For any blog post's content to be ranked, it is necessary to have proper keywords. Again you can select those free platforms for keyword research which I mentioned above. With the help of keyword, your website might get rank on multiple keywords and this might brings visitors to your site in a bulk.

3. Collect Proper Information

You must have complete information about any topic on which you are writing a blog. You will indeed write about the same article, on which you have information, but also keep the day of writing that in that article, you should write all such kinds of stuff too on which you don't have any prior knowledge after collecting it through different source but you cannot copy the same as you can express your views in your terms so that you can write your article in detail. So it is necessary to read others' blogs as much as you can to carry the required information for your blog post. 

4. Prepare your Article Structure

After writing all the information in your article, you will have to design the body frame of your post. The article structure in your post should be such that were used your proper heading, sub-heading, minor-heading, and paragraph. They have to do all these in such a way that the user likes to read your article and get all the information from the post. 

Always keep in mind that before writing the heading, you must write the introduction of your post. The introduction of your post should be in five lines only so that people understand which topic is going to get information in this post. You must use our researched keyword in your introduction part very precisely. Your keyword must be related to your post and must highlight those keywords in the bold letter as the keyword plays a vital role to rank your webpage in the search engine quickly. 

5. Identify your Article length

There is no fix as to what the length of your article should be, but according to some survey, it was observed that the posts in search engines are get ranked quickly which has 600-2000 words. So, you must keep your article's length in this range. After writing all the information, you must write the conclusion of your article which must be four to five lines. 

From the recommendations, the reader should understand which of their topics is covered in your post. If any of those points are missed, they will likely return to the article to see what they have missed. You must insert copyright-free images to your article which must be related to your blog post. After doing all this, you can publish your article.

Hopefully in this post, we have covered all the topics that a beginner needs in writing his first post. To write any post, all these basic tips must be done by it, it will help a beginner to rank his post in the search engine. Always keep in mind that you cannot become a good blogger just by creating a blog. You must always keep your blog updated to be a good blogger. 

Always try to write two to three articles in a week in your blog as it will keep your blog always update in the search engine. It will increase your user interaction too as your informative and unique content always brings the user to your website. Do not be in a hurry to write an article, you can take your time and always write unique and informative content for your blog.

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