How to strengthen your willpower

 How to strengthen your willpower 

How to strengthen your willpower

If you want to get success in your life whether it may be your career, your business, your career, want to lose your weight, want to gain something. Anything you want to get it, you need to have your willpower very strong and energetic. Willpower plays a vital role in our life. 

An experiment which was done on the willpower by some survey which I express to our readers through this post. Some students were sitting in a row and there some chocolates were kept. The condition was that if any one of them eats one chocolate, they will get five chocolates immediately, if they wait for two hours they will get ten chocolates. 

Few of them ate it immediately and a few of them waited for two hours and they had ten chocolates. Those students who had waited they just kept an eye on them. It was noticed in the future that those students were more capable of than others, they had achieved a lot of success in their life. So it shows willpower and patience and their major role in anyone's career. We are going to express our views about how to enhance our willpower with some unique tips and tricks.

1. Plan your goals

Plan your goals and stick to it as without your goals you don't even know what to do and in such cases, your willpower is completely useless. So how you have to keep your goals. I will share it with an example. There is a person in the Olympics who won seven-goal medals in swimming and many people started saying to him that you are lucky, the day is lucky for you. If you know the willpower, determination, concentration nobody can say it lucky.

You will wonder that he does not have such financial capabilities to practice his swimming art in the swimming pool, so he practiced in the ocean, he gave such a tough practice that he got participated in the Olympics game. When he got an opportunity he doesn't even have money to travel by plane. So he started traveling by train and many more.

He spent ten thousand hours to reach the Olympic game. After reaching the place can anyone stop him? He is going to do wonders definitely because of his determination, strong practice, passion, willpower. So that is why we should always have good goals.

So set your goal first and plan your momentum accordingly as once you set up your right path you will try to achieve it through your willpower. No task seems to be so difficult for you if you stick to your plan and implement it accordingly.

2. Manage your brain

How you can manage your brain, tell your brain what to do, you have to do it, you have to achieve it. Give some puzzles to your mind, give some rest to your mind, it will tune-up automatically. The mind listens to the one who has trained the mind to listen to him. The mind needs to be taught everything except stubbornness that mind born with it.

You may consider our mind as a child with a stubborn nature. If the mind gets into the habit of being happy then it cannot stay sad and if the mind habituated to stay sad then it cannot stay happy. A person who is used to being sad, he will stay say those old good days they were awesome or I wish this would have happened or that would have happened even if you bring all the comforts of the world at his feet.

What is in your hand at present focus on that? When we start to walk and progress on this path to become the master of our mind then our willpower starts to gain strength. A horse can be highly untamed or restless but if the horse rider is an expert and skilled then he will tame the horse. If you take a small vow only for the next four hours I will not do something or for the next four days I shall not do such things then your mind will become more determined.

If you are going to say that the whole life I am not going to do any particular things, that is not possible. All those times when you take a vow and don't fulfill it, your willpower is going to weaken. When the willpower starts to weaken then your self-belief starts to reduce.

Your belief in your own words gradually diminishes. So if you want to increase your willpower then pick up one thing that you want to improve in your life, whether it may physical or mental or spiritual or emotional anything. Just pick up one thing for the next forty days I will do this or I will not do this or just take one week vow. You won't believe it right to try doing it. 

After taking one vow when you start to take a second one it will be very easy for you, it's possible that you may not be able to maintain the quality but your vow will not break. With this practice, your willpower will increase and the only reason it will decrease is not laziness, is not the absence of aptitude or ability, or is not the absence of enthusiasm, the only reason is when you promise something and don't do it then willpower weakens.

3. Imagination 

Whatever you wanted to do in your life you just close your eyes and imagine something positive which suits you. Whatever you imagine according to that your mind and body will respond. If you imagine that you are going to attend an important meeting which you already are late or suppose you going to attend your exam lately, in such a case you imagine negatively and accordingly your mind and body will respond negatively. That is why you imagine whatever you want to do and imagine it positively as it plays a vital role to enhance your willpower.

4. Meditation

Meditation will set up your mind as your resistant power of mind allow you to do whatever you want. Meditation helps you to increase your willpower, it will help you to deal with any kinds of problems. You can overcome any kind of stress and anxiety with the help of meditation as meditation increases your willpower.

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