How to start your first blog on blogger

How to start your first blog on blogger 

Today we are going to give you information about such subjects who have just created a new blog or they want to create a new blog of their own. The first thing you need to do is to do it in Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is a free platform and for WordPress, you need to purchase web hosting. We will know all about this in detail in this post. 

How to start your first blog on blogger

1. Select any Topic or niches

First of all, you need to select any particular topic or niches, it may be of any topic such as cooking, health, sports, technology, or any other topic in which you have your interest. So it depends on you on which topic you are going to work on. After selecting the topic, you need to select the platform whether it will be Blogger or WordPress. 

Blogger is a free platform where you don't need to purchase any web hosting whereas in WordPress you need to purchase the web hosting. This is a major difference. You must purchase custom domain names on both the platform. On the blogger platform, one can easily start a blog with no money investment.

One can easily find a free domain name on blogger as well but those free domains took a long time to rank on the search engine. Those domains took a minimum of four to six months to get its approval from the AdSense platform. That's why many people go for a custom domain and start working on it. This is the best way to create a blog for free and earn money from it. 

The quality of content and proper keyword research with custom domain names helps to grow any website much faster as compared to the free domain name. Regular unique content with proper SEO is very helpful for any website to get rank easily on the search engine.

On the other hand on the WordPress platform, you need to purchase a custom domain name as per your niche and a good web hosting plan as well. After that, you have to connect your custom domain name with your web hosting. Once your domain name gets connected with your web hosting, you need to install WordPress on your website.

2. Responsive theme

Once you set up your website on a blogger or platform, you need a proper responsive theme that will be compatible with any devices whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The theme should be simple, SEO friendly, and easy to visible in any mode. That means your theme should be in such a shape so that it gets adjusted its size automatically in any mode.

3. Low Competition Keyword 

One must do some research to find out a low competition keyword as for beginners such keywords are easy to rank in the search engines. One must write a unique article both on WordPress and the blogger platform. In every unique article you write, place the keyword in such a good way that it will quickly rank in the search engine.

Your blog post must contain a proper meta description. your blog title should be informative and attractive, your post URL should be unique and it should contain the summary of your whole post. These are the necessary steps to write any blog post for beginners both on blogger and WordPress. 

4. Do proper SEO on your website

SEO settings play a vital role for the beginners who start their blog on blogger and WordPress. Do proper SEO settings, create proper link building, create a proper backlink from high authority websites on blogger whereas on WordPress there are a lot of plugins available which is very helpful for SEO settings. 

5. Select proper domain name

Whenever you purchase a domain name, at that time, it must be kept in mind that your domain name should be related to your niches as those websites are easily rank in the search engine. Always make sure that your domain name is not related to any brand name as you may face copyright issues for your blog.

6. Create pages on your website

There must be some proper pages on your blog such as the Home page, Contact us, Privacy policy, About us, and DMCA. In such pages, you need to update your details about your website which increases the trust flow for your customers. Such pages are very helpful to make your content unique and you will protect your content data through DMCA as well so that no one copy your content for its multiple usages.

7. Monitoring your source of traffic

It is necessary to keep monitoring your source of traffic regularly. Make sure you had attached your webpage to the analytics and tag manager as well. Analytics will clearly show your source of traffic as well as you will aware of the keyword on which you are getting maximum impressions in detail.

Traffic will help you to figure out your user's interest. You can easily identify on which blogpost you are getting maximum traffic and it will help you to make such relevant posts more on your webpage. This will increase your user interaction with your webpage and you will get your true customers.

Once your user gets interacted with your webpage you will get the maximum organic traffic from the search engine. Try to avoid bringing traffic while referral, or by sharing our link to social platforms as it may lower down your site ranking in the search engine and you might lose your revenue in the future. So avoid bringing invalid traffic to your website.

These are the best possible ways to start your first blog on blogger as well as on WordPress. Keep trying your content unique, SEO friendly, user-friendly, informative, and up to date. Keep updated your content as it will help you to rank higher in the search engine. Do proper keyword research and figure out the less competitive keyword as it will easy to rank for beginners.

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