How to be a good teacher for your kids

How to be a good teacher for your kids

How to be a good teacher for your kids

In this post, I am going to express my views about how to be a good teacher. If you are a teacher, congratulations you have chosen the right profession and you are the right people to change the generation.

A good teacher can change the generation whereas a bad teacher will destroy the generation that's the importance of the teaching field and I never senseless luck also saying that all the teachers are compared with the Bramha Vishnu Maheshwara means you are just like God to the students.

So how you want up to handle remember this in your life and if you are a good teacher if you are going to hand in the students properly, you are going to change their lives of the students and you are going to change the character of the students within the four walls that's the importance of teaching. If you want to be a good teacher and tell you only three tips follow this very carefully.

1. Know the interest of the students

The first one is that know the interest of the students. Generally, students will come to the teacher with a lot of interest and they will have their expectations were very high and they respect a lot and they want to learn a lot from the teacher. So when they come to you what you have to do you, are the subject not only the subject apart from the subject. 

Tell something else that is regarding the values of life, social relations, human relations, and the environment outside knowledge, all these things you have to teach. There are two kinds of teachers one is normal teachers who will teach only the subject, deliver their value, and finished it.

Another one is they teach the moral values that are subject they give the knowledge, the maximum knowledge to the students. So, you must be in the category of son and teacher. So this you remember only the son and teachers are going to build that knowledge of the character of each and every student.

That is why please have the interest and create interest and know the knowledge of the students where they are standing always go to the standards of the students and then start teaching. Your standard is very high but do you know the standard of the students, it may be very low and there are different kinds of students some students are in the very high zone, some are in the middle zone and some are in the low zone. So always keep in mind the low standard students and take them as a parameter and empathetically teach them.

Where is the standard slowly teach them and they understand their knowledge and what are their values and how they are understanding, is there any problem, like be friendly with them. They can express their love to you. So the first point is that all this has the interest and know the interest of the students and understand them empathetically.

2. Master in your Subject

The second one is to be mastery in your own subject and you know that a student will respect or will adore a teacher because of his knowledge which is subject knowledge mainly the subject knowledge. Always remember a lit candle, lawn candlelight, and otherwise, if you want to be lit candle to light another candle you must be master in your subject.

One should enhance one's skills, study more, prepare well, update your skills, and you know that nowadays the students are very intelligent then come to know if the teacher is coming to the class even for one period without preparation they can identify then come to know that is tough that is why all this go with thorough preparation.

You should have good knowledge and go with thorough knowledge and prepare well. Though you are having ten years, fifteen years, or twenty years of experience still unless you refer to the book/ unless you refer to the concept, consider the concept and all the links, don't go to the class until the fluency comes. 

3. Love your Students

Please love your students if you are really interested in the welfare of your students, with the growth of your students, you must love your students just like your kids. If you love them if you show fifty-percent, they'll show you a hundred percent. If you teach them properly, if you deal with them empathetically, if you understand them, if you convince them, if you guide them, definitely they'll follow your footsteps.

And have all this infinite patience and understand them and always identify their mistakes, but don't highlight in front of others. Teachers talk to them separately, guides them separately but highlight their good quality, structure all those things highlight them.

And just remind them that they are great and they can do anything in the concept of confidence, just take it out. So in that way, you can handle it but never insult them, never ignore them.

A small example I'll give you once upon a time one of my teachers one of my colleagues and she was handling the class and a girl was not listening and she was doing something in the class and the teacher knows the girl was not good in character and all of a sudden she said I know you very well outside what you are doing and that the girl got very angry and said that it is none of your business I am in the classroom it is none of your business. Please mind your business. That's it over and the teacher felt very bad and came to the staff room and expressing the same thing. 

So never stop such kind of things in front of anyone. Please talk personally not in public, console them if possible. If you cannot console keep it but you don't have any right to insult them in front of everyone. So handling things carefully is very important and extracts those good qualities.

Tell them that they are good, they can do a lot of things and you know that a student will never forget a favorite teacher for their entire life. I should not hesitate to say this they remember a good teacher till the end of their breath.

That's the importance of the teacher, all this be in the category of your outcome. If you are income all this focus on the outcome than the income and treat your children as your students and students as your children. Definitely, both will be in a very good position, both will be tuning their life in a proper way.

Teaching is one of the noblest profession only in this person you have a lot of job satisfaction if you focus if you interest you can dedicate for the welfare of the students for the welfare of the society you will have a lot of job satisfaction.

You'll have much job satisfaction than pocket satisfaction so if you are a teacher, please go ahead improve your skills teach them in a better way, improve your communication skills, understand the nature of the students what do they want and bring them up to the knowledge and give them a good knowledge. Let them make very brilliant students and they'll never forget you.

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