6 Best tips to start any blog for begginers

 6 Best tips to start any blog for beginners

6 Best tips to start any blog for begginers

1. Select any particular Niches

First of all, select a topic in which you have an interest or about which you are aware. Suppose you saw someone's website in which articles were written on many topics such as technology, health, education, news, sports, and in the same way you start doing to write articles on various niche. 

By doing this, the search engine will be confused about which topic your site is and in such a situation it will be very difficult to find a targeted audience for your site. In such a situation, your site ranking will be very slow progress and it may take a lot of time to rank it. 

So you first select the niche for your websites. And if you select a micro-niche, then there will be a benefit for beginners as it will be easy to rank the website but depending on which topic your knowledge and interest are. 

2. Select any custom domain

What do you do Normally that make a website on a free platform on which you work hard, thinking that we do not have any investment in starting and we shall start earning? This is possible only when your luck is very good, otherwise maximum time it is not possible that you use these free platforms and you write articles in them and start earning from it. 

It's quite difficult to rank those websites in the search engine as it took a lot of time to rank such websites. This is the reason why everyone goes for the custom domain as those domains rank very fast in search engines but there is the condition that your content should be unique and SEO friendly. This is all about the blogger.

If you work on WordPress, then you have to take a domain and in starting, you can start your website by taking shared hosting. It is easier to work on WordPress than these bloggers as one can easily get a lot of free plugins and tools on the WordPress platform which helps a lot in writing SEO friendly content that you cannot access on the blogger platform. 

3. Do proper keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important factors to rank your website on the search engine. There are a lot of tools available where you can easily analyze the best keyword for your website. Do not select only those keywords whose competition is low but traffic and CPC are high because there a lot of others who did the same work for their website. 

I do not feel like working on other keywords with the keyword which has less CPC and traffic is good and the competition remains. Due to low CPC generally, a lot of others don't wish to work on those keywords and automatically it makes a very low competition for those keywords.

You also wrote a very good friendly article on those keywords and do internal linking well. So if you are a beginner, try to work on less CPC keywords as its chances of ranking on the search engine are high in comparison to those whose CPC is high. Do remember one thing you should select only those keyword whose keyword difficulty should be very less and traffic should be more.

4. Write SEO friendly article

You should write content that is unique and does not copy-paste from any other website. Your content should be SEO friendly. You should not translate any Hindi content into English and do not paste it into your website, because the search engine algorithm is such that it can easily access those content whether it is unique or not.

Many people are using spin tools which are very helpful to write any article uniquely. Avoid doing such a technique as such content will never rank in search engines. Doing such things will not change the meaning of your content and this will not uniquely provide our content. So stop doing such irrelevant tasks which may lower down your website.

5. Stop sharing your website with others

In starting, everyone shares their website to increase their traffic, such as on different social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. So I would suggest stopping doing such sharing habits. Because there are so many haters who use their free tools to give them bad backlinks on your website and later it will reduce your website ranking. So it's better to keep working but in a hidden way as it may protect your website from getting any spam.

6. Keep posting regular content

During the initial three months, the Search engine keeps your website in the sandbox which means it will not rank your website very soon. At first, it will see your trust level, it will observe Is the website giving content to rank it. Many bloggers do the same mistakes that they write some ten to fifteen articles on its initial days and after that, they take leave for a month or more than that. 

In such a situation, the search engine understands that in its three months, it has only twenty to twenty-five posts, so they do not leave your website from the sandbox. And you think that this is time waste and I spoiled my hard work. You must keep these things in mind that in the week, you must write at least three posts. 

If you write three articles in a week, then always keep doing this, so that the trust score of your website can be improved. And you must write unique content, add unique images, and don't implement any copyright content or photos. Do proper on-page SEO, off-page SEO, do proper link building, and make some backlinks for your website.  

So you must keep the day of all these topics, if you will not promote the website, will not create backlinks, will not create link building, then your website will be in a little slow process. If your competitor is paying attention to all these topics then definitely he will be above you.

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